This is an educational superhero video. Mr. Challenge (Herra Haaste) has devious plans. Career Counselling Man (Uraohjausmies) faces the Hedgehog Woman (Siilinainen). Is one career the only option?

It was cool to have the opportunity to make a superhero short film. For the feel and style I took influences from the legendary 1960’s Batman series. It took about 6 months of work to get to the final release from the initial idea. I did most of the script writing and story planning. I also directed, filmed and edited the project so there was a lot to do.

There were many visual effect shots in the project and post production took a long time. It was a must to include a wall climbing scene. In the image you can see the camera rig and the setup we used to recreate the iconic wall climbing effect. The idea is that the camera is turned to its side so that in the footage it looks like our hero is climbing the wall. In reality the climbing is done on the floor and the cape is moved by the assistant. Juha Pousi was our trusted cape and rope operator.

Career Counselling Man, Hedgehog Woman, Mr. Challenge and Career Counselling Woman are part of the Amok Universe. Maybe one day we will see more adventures from this educational universe.