The GameXpo was held from Friday 4.11. to Sunday 6.11.2016 at Messukeskus in Helsinki, Finland. This was my first visit to a big gaming event. There was a lot scheduled programmes going on during the weekend. Several events were going on in the Messukeskus hall complex: GameXpo, DigiExpo, Boardexpo, Skiexpo and Lätkä & Säbä Expo. I concentrated mainly on the GameXpo and DigiExpo. Highlights for me were the Playstation VR, the Finnish Championship of Cosplay 2016 (Cosplay SM) and the concert of Quinsonitus.

I have tried the HTC Vive virtual reality system previously and Playstation VR (English link) felt similar. The technology works pretty well and I hope to see big games coming to both systems. On Playstation VR I tested the horror roller coaster shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and the Playstation VR Worlds: Ocean Descent. The head tracking was solid. There was a bit of aim shake with the Move controls in the horror game. VR intensifies the immersion into the game and especially in the horror genre it is quite of an experience. Another new technology at the event was the Microsoft HoloLens. With the glasses you see augmented reality, 3D models placed on your field of view as if they were really there even when you look around. I got to quickly test it and the tech seems promising. A model of a workspace block filled part of the view when you put the glasses on. You could move around it, through it and crouch to see under the table. It was a nice demo.

The Finnish Championship of Cosplay 2016 was a positive surprise. There was a lot of effort put into the costumes and the show. It was cool to see familiar characters from Final Fantasy games and Mass Effect on the stage. There is definitely talent in the Finnish cosplay scene.

On the final day a music group called Quinsonitus performed live for the audience. They played music from movies, tv series and games. The encore song was the legendary Ghostbusters theme. The concert was really enjoyable and Quinsonitus and the guest musicians were excellent.

I shot some video footage during the expos. I edited a short video to show you some glimpses of what was going on. Overall the visit to the GameXpo was a good experience. The new technology for gaming, art and presentations promises interesting things for the future.