A teacher travels to the nature to think about a competence based study plan. She gets guidance from an unexpected visitor.

I directed, shot and edited this short film. The whole project was very challenging and I learned a lot. The weather conditions in the winter scenes were wet and cold. It was raining almost the whole time. The crew was minimal. Only the actors and me as the camera operator were on location. The XLR microphone inputs of the Sony HDR-AX2000 camera failed in the cold. Luckily I had brought with me the Zoom H6 recorder which performed without troubles. So the audio was recorded separately and synced in post production. For the audio syncing I used a software called PluralEyes by Red Giant.

The camera setup for outdoors.

The opening dream sequence was interesting to edit and develop. I used a camera stabilizer to record some of the shots like the camera circling around the teacher. With the Sony camera the stabilizer combination became heavy and it was difficult to hold it with one hand. I cut the dream sequence in Premiere and then imported the whole sequence to After Effects for effects and color correction. It was handy to do this in AE using the menu command File → Import → Adobe Premiere Pro project. All the clips got imported as layers in a composition.

The main music was composed by Juha Pousi who also played the role of the Bogeyman in the film. I also used elements from Video Copilot‘s stock audio packs. It was great to see the film come to life from the initial script. A big thank you to the lead actors Tiiu Tenno and Tomi Pelkonen for their work, patience and endurance.