Aerial video of Pilpasuo in 4K.

I visited Pilpasuo in the September of 2017. Pilpasuo is a swamp area and nature trail in Oulu, Finland. The vivid autumn colors were beautiful. I took some photos and video on the trip. Here is the photo gallery. The video can also be watched on vimeo.

I filmed the video with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone. With the help of a landing pad I was able to take-off and land the drone ok in the wet and uneven ground without messing up the camera lens. The edit was done in Premiere Pro CC 2017. I did the color corrections with the Lumetri Color effect. For the music I used the Audio Network Music panel in Premiere. There is awesome music available at Audio Network and the music licensing went smoothly. The music used was Red Dwarf by Terry Devine-King.