A quick tour of the Pieni Karhunkierros Trail in Finland.

Pieni Karhunkierros Trail places:
Myllykoski Rapids
Jyrävä Waterfall
Harrisuvanto, hanging bridge
Kallioportti, lookout point

I hiked the trail with Tomi Pelkonen, who did the hosting in the video. The video was recorded 5.9.2015. The editing was done in Premiere Pro CS6 at 50 fps. I used a separate free application called Davinci Resolve 12 to do the color corrections. There were some workflow issues that came up. I used a nested sequence for each clip in my Premiere timeline and Davinci did not support the import of the heavily nested project. I ended up importing all the clips individually and roughly cutting them to the right durations in Davinci’s editor. I then did the color corrections and exported each clip out individually. Back in Premiere I imported the color corrected clips and placed them inside the appropriate nested timelines. Davinci had a peculiar issue with the 50 fps footage as there was a repeated frame at the start of each clip. I could adjust for this in Premiere inside the nested timelines by moving the color corrected clips to match the original footage. Davinci Resolve is a good software for doing color adjustments. There may be some workflow issues though that you encounter. It is good to do a small test project to see how things work.