In the final part of The Knowledge Trilogy, a huge space ship travels towards an unknown destination. In the hangar of the ship a lecture takes place.

This sci-fi inspired project is one of the most complex visual effect works I have done. The space ships were designed with the great space ship building model pack Shipyard V0.7 by greyoxide. Blend Swap is a great resource for content to be used in Blender 3D program. I combined a skyscraper from Daz Store with the biggest space ship in Blender. After the 3 space ships were ready I exported the model files out of Blender and imported everything to After Effects using the Element 3D plugin by Video Copilot. I applied textures and materials in Element 3D. And of course some lens flares were added.

The hangar scene used modular elements by the artist Stonemason. I chose the camera angles before we shot the green screen footage. I printed out reference images with a 3D model as the actor and framed the shots based on the images. The robot hand animation at the end was done inside Daz Studio. The basic animation was replicated in After Effects. Juha Pousi played the role of the futuristic teacher. He also composed the music for The Knowledge Trilogy.