This was one of the first big projects for me. The video was done in 2012. The content revolves around the roles of the student and the teacher and the process leading to the learning outcome.

All the visual effects were done in Adobe After Effects. The house and movie theater in Part 2 ”The Arrow and the Triangle” were animated inside AE. Editing was done in Premiere Pro. I used a lot of nested sequences in Premiere. For each clip I created a sequence that contained the clip. I then edited the final video using these sequences. I dragged a sequence to the Source Monitor and continued editing as usual. If you double click a sequence, it shows in the timeline, not in the Source Monitor. When the edit was pretty much done, I checked the frame numbers / timecodes and opened up all the clips that needed visual effects in AE. After creating the effects I rendered the clips out and put the clips inside the sequences where the original files were. I put the effect clips on a higher video track in each of the sequences and in the main project sequence I could immediately see the changes.

In the opening and ending of this video you can hear music composed by my brother Juho, who is now making his own videos and articles and travelling the world. You can check out Juho’s blog here (in Finnish).