After a busy spring and summer it is now time for an update. Three big projects have finished and I’ll be posting something about each of them.

This first video talks about the importance of career counseling and gathering of information about how people get employed after their studies. That information can be used to make education better and to help the students in their career choices. There are no English subtitles for this video.

I filmed the project mainly with a Tiffen Steadicam Solo with a vest and arm. The camera used was Panasonic GH4. With the steadicam it was possible to make smooth camera movements, as if the camera was floating through the air. It was a big challenge to learn to setup and use the steadicam. Hats off to the steadicam professionals who do this for a living. A lot of skill is needed to properly use the system. Garrett Brown invented the steadicam and Rocky (1976) was one of the first films to use it.

The balance of the steadicam is delicate so I couldn’t use a normal follow focus. I managed to MacGyver a wireless follow focus to my steadicam. The system was bulky and heavy but it worked. I clamped the focus wheel on the steadicam handle as you can see from the picture. Pulling focus by yourself while using the steadicam was not easy. Some shots took a lot of takes to get right. Thanks to the steadicam the project got some nice dynamic camera movement.